Able Hearing COVID-19 Update on Current Services and Appointments

On April 27th, Governor Brown released Executive Order 20-22 stating that beginning on May 1st, elective and non-urgent procedures across all care settings are allowed. We realize that many people, including some of our patients, have had to postpone regularly scheduled appointments. With restrictions being lifted, and procedures once again being scheduled, there are actions patients can take as they begin to consider hearing healthcare needs.

We are keeping up with current events and directives from local and national authorities. In every way, we continue to comply with the regulations, directives, orders and policies of the governing bodies and partners we have in the healthcare field.

While hearing is certainly an essential part of healthcare, we understand that not all appointments are urgent and during this time of social isolation would like to adapt and offer to help in other ways that may be deemed appropriate.

TELEHEALTH SERVICES: As the Oregon stay-at-home order gradually lifts in the future, we want to ensure our patients and community members feel safe as they access our services during this transition. We will also now offer telehealth appointments for anyone who prefers to remain at home for safety.

If they or you have questions about telehealth services or want to schedule a telehealth visit, please call for details.

PRE-SCHEDULED COMMUNITY EVENTS AND OFFSITE SERVICES: Currently we have set time on our calendar to assist with hearing aid needs at each of the facilities we have arrangements with. The dynamic nature of the situation means the arrangements can vary from one week to the next. We continue to stay in touch with the facilities where services are requested to determine the appropriate procedure based on current policies. We continue to monitor the OHA list for COVID-19 outbreaks and do not personally enter facilities listed with active outbreaks.

In the meantime, we are still very glad to help as needed, individually by request. This might involve mailing supplies, picking up or dropping off a device at your reception desk, or where needed a personal prescreened visit in a private area. Please call so we call to arrange details on a per-case basis. Or, you can visit our events page and click on an event to sign up for service.

IN-OFFICE APPOINTMENTS: In addition to using good hygiene and infection control practices, we understand limiting interaction with one another and protecting our at-risk citizens is a key strategy for limiting the spread and impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the interest of doing our part and an abundance of concern for the health of our clients and staff, we have implemented the following changes and suggestions for keeping safe and still being able to address the needs of our many hearing-impaired clients for the time being.

  • To maintain critical social distancing protocols, our Beaverton and Oregon City offices remain open only by appointment–please call before coming in.
  • Appointments are spaced to keep the number of visitors and waiting time in the lobby to a minimum.
  • The lobby is limited to one visitor or two household members at a time. If the lobby is occupied on arrival, please wait for it to empty before entering.
  • We are screening all visitors per CDC regulation. Be prepared to answer screening questions and have your temperature taken by our staff. If you have traveled outside the US, have any flu-like symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone with COVID, please postpone your visit.
  • For non-essential visits (i.e. batteries, supplies, repairs, etc.), please call or email to arrange to have these delivered to you or sent by mail.
  • Drop-off, deliveries and pick-ups will be accommodated in the Lobby limited to one visitor at a time.
  • We are offering a limited “car-side” pick-up and drop-off service for minor needs as well. Please call ahead to ensure someone is available to attend to your needs and arrange details.

Within each of our offices we are adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Sanitize all surfaces and handheld instruments in between appointments in treatment rooms.
  • Daily sanitize doorknobs, public use pens, phone handsets, and all surfaces in the waiting room and restroom.
  • No shaking hands or hugging patients. We love you, but we will save that for another time!
  • Hand sanitizer in the waiting room for patients to use.
  • Arrange seating to adhere to social distance protocol.
  • Sterilize and store away all magazines in the waiting room or treatment rooms.
  • Staying home if any of our staff or their family feel sick.

Please stay tuned for changes as things progress, and don’t hesitate to call for details on any specific needs or concerns you may have. We are here to help you to the best of our ability.

Kind Regards to all and Stay Well!
The Able Hearing Team

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