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Cold winter weather can damage hearing aids without proper precautions. While hearing aids can often be repaired, it is best to be aware of how you can prevent weather damage.

Extreme temperatures can be damaging to a hearing aid and its batteries. It’s not the cold itself that causes damage, rather it’s the condensation that occurs during temperature change that can damage internal components.

Moisture can ruin the microphone and receiver of your hearing aids, as well as clog the earmold tubing and sound and cause corrosion.

If you think your hearing aid has been exposed to exposure check these things first:

Check if the T-switch is in the right position.

If you have disposable batteries, make sure they have been inserted correctly. Make sure the battery is not corroded.

The battery contacts, which are the points where the batteries touch the hearing aids should be cleaned with a dry cotton swab

Check the earmold, to make sure the sound outlet is not clogged with wax.


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