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Can “Normal-hearing Older Adults” Benefit from Hearing Care Intervention?

New evidence shows that many older adults labeled as having “normal” hearing do not truly have normal hearing function.

People who are having difficulties are often under-identified and many could benefit from assistance, including hearing aids.

Failure to make use of self-report tools may inaccurately estimate the extent of difficulties experienced, the likelihood of seeking intervention, and the success of that intervention.

With the OTC Hearing Aid Act, access to hearing aids and alternative inventions are likely to increase in the very near future. Consumers with perceived hearing difficulties will be able to address their needs directly and affordably.

This is an exciting new era of hearing healthcare. Mounting evidence suggests that even those with slight hearing difficulties will benefit from assistance, with devices such as hearing aids or hearables, web-based interventions, or with services delivered through telehealth.

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