What to Expect at a Hearing Test

At Able Hearing, our team is experienced in providing thoughtful, patient-centered care and hearing aid fittings with leading manufacturers. We are inspired by a commitment to providing people with full access to their lives through better hearing health. Hearing loss...

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Encouraging a Loved One to Take a Hearing Test

Have you felt that your spouse hasn’t been listening to you lately? Does it seem like your parent consistently asks you to repeat yourself? Have you noticed that your golf buddy hasn’t been around as much lately? If your loved one has seemed distant lately, for no...

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Recognizing the Signs of Hearing Loss

Though hearing loss is one of the most common medical conditions in the US (third after heart disease and arthritis), it is often undertreated and undiagnosed. In part, this is due to the fact that it is an invisible condition. Hearing loss affects 20% of the American...

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Communicating effectively with someone hard of hearing

As we all know, lack of effective communication takes a serious toll on our relationships. Mark Ross, a venerable audiologist with a severe hearing loss himself, once said: "When someone in the family has a hearing loss, the entire family has a hearing problem." This...

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Make adjustments easy with remote controls

Imagine you’re in the middle of a conversation and can’t quite hear. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn your hearing aids up without drawing attention to yourself?   Many of today’s hearing aids make this possible via a remote control. The optional accessory lets you easily...

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Can Fireworks Damage Your Hearing

When you think of Independence Day, the first thing that comes to mind is probably fireworks. Fireworks are exciting, but the problem is the excitement is often measured by the “loudness factor." Whether you are watching a professional fireworks show or have purchased...

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Smoking and Hearing Loss

How is smoking and hearing loss related? It’s obvious how smoking can hurt your lungs and throat, but the connection between smoking your ears is more complex. Piers Dawes, a lead researcher on the study, says that the most likely reason that smoking and hearing loss...

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