AllWell Hearing Aid Financing Program
Our Care Programs help to ensure the performance and lifetime of your hearing instrument investment and keep you hearing well.
AllWell Hearing Aid Financing Program
AllWell Financing Program provides great service, professionalism and features for the financing of hearing care products and services. Our financing is available exclusively through a network of authorized healthcare providers.
Medical care at affordable monthly payments. Located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, AllWell Financing Program is the premier vendor for select healthcare patient financing throughout the United States.
The AllWell Financing Program Advantage:
Low Fees and APRs
Single Purpose Loans
Friendly Staff
Family Owned
Our mission is to provide patient financing in select healthcare industries and to do so at competitive rates, with outstanding service, consistent professionalism and leading-edge features.
Hearing Aids & Other Procedures Financing
Regain your hearing and finance this life-changing transformation with the CareCredit healthcare credit card. Whether you use it for yourself or a loved one, CareCredit can help you experience life to the fullest again.
Enjoy the subtleties of sound that enrich our lives. With your CareCredit healthcare credit card, you can finance your hearing care needs from hearing devices to preventative check-ups (Subject to credit approval).

Some Procedures and Treatments you can use it towards:

Here are just some of the many hearing procedures and treatments you or your family can use your CareCredit healthcare credit card for:
Procedures and Treatments
  •  Hearing tests
  •  Regular hearing check-ups
  •  Audiology appointments
  • Hearing devices
  • Regular hearing device refittings
  •  Implants
  •  Tinnitus
  •  Hearing conservation
  • Earmolds
Ask your doctor if they accept the CareCredit healthcare credit card today.


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